Puri Beach- Centre of Tourist Attraction in Orissa

Puri Beach tickles your enjoyment mode with stocked golden sand, live sunrise and sunset colors, and roaring tides from the Bay of Bengal. The beach calms you with its waves,enthralls you with its cool air, and mesmerizes you with its picturesque view. Sitting along the beachside and watching the local fishermen practicing on their boats and catamarans will captivate your mind and make you fall in love with this place.

Watching the sunset and sunrise with your soulmate is delightfully romantic. Again, the annual beach festival in the month of November, receives a huge crowd both nationally and internationally. This place is perfectly situated at a distance of 65 kms from Bhubaneswar and 35 kms from the Sun Temple.

The beach is also famous for sand sculptures by the world famous sand artist, Sudarshan Patnaik. He gets the inspiration from the contemporary events, themes related to the Puri temple, and characters from mythology. As we know, Puri is among the char dhams so throughout the year many tourists and pilgrims touch this holy land and the beach.

A road trip on Puri-Konark Marine Drive is a superb idea, where you will come across many deserted beaches and spots where rivers fall into the sea. Quicksand is common in these beaches, so be aware of them. Another special attraction on this route is Ramchandi temple,a popular Sakta shrine of Orissa.

You can also pay a visit to fishing villages along the coast, with dozens of boats arrayed along the seaside. The best time to visit is around dawn, when you can see fishermen heading towards the rising sun and you can get fresh prawns, fish and pamphlets as they hit the ground.

Often the tourists enjoy water bathing and sunbathing along the seaside and enjoy the blazing kiosks in the evening. The stretched row of food stalls, hotels, and hawkers selling souvenirs becomes a point of interest for the tourists and shoppers.

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