The Ambience of Nandankanan Zoo is Awesome

Nandankanan ­ Flora and Fauna Hub

Nandankanan Zoological Park called as the Garden of the Gods, sprawls across the dense forests of Chandaka and lies in the Kanjia lake vicinity. It is located 18­20 km away from the hustle­bustle of Bhubaneshwar. This picturesque park brings before you, a huge collection of unique flora and fauna blossoming in their natural habitat.

According to the mythology, “Nandankanan” portrays the imaginary goodness of celestial garden and symbolizes the spot par excellence on earth. This place houses more than 16000 animals over 166 species with lowest animal death rate and is the first zoo to be registered with the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA). We know that a zoo visit is magical and over the top visiting the best one will bring you across healthy animals and give you overwhelming joy.

Established in 1960, this place became country’s first gharial breeding center and a part of it is reserved for protecting rare species. The rare species that are sheltered and groomed here are Macau, Black Panther, White Tiger, Nilgiri langur, Asiatic Lions and many other birds and reptiles too.

Not only this, Nandankanan offers a wide range of activities for its visitors such as boating, lion safari, tiger safari, nocturnal house, aquaria, reptile park, cable car, boating, toy train, and orchid house.

This place has witnessed unique happenings like gharial breeding, the birth of healthy white tigers from normal colored tigers, and many more amazing things. It is the only zoo in India that is inhabited by the Patas monkeys, Eastern Rosella, and Open-billed Stork. This place is a must visit if you are fond of animals and want to see them in their natural habitat.

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