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Explore More The History of Dhauligiri

Dhauligiri, also known as Dhauli, is located on the banks of the mystical Daya river, and lies just 8 Km from Bhubaneswar. This river flows quietly across the great valley and has witnessed the Great War between Emperor Ashoka and king of Kalinga.

On the way to hill summit, one can find the famous rock edicts of Ashoka. At the end of hill summit, the beautiful white Shanti Stupa will fill your inner­soul with wisdom and peace as suggested by the name. This peace pagoda was built in 1970 by the Japan Buddha Sangha and the Kalinga Nippon Buddha Sangha. Again, when you see the top of this dome structured Stupa you can find five umbrellas which depict the five essential parts of Buddhism.

Dhauli was a piece of beauty and Ashoka had a weakness for this place. At the time of war, river Daya turned red with the blood of dead soldiers and enabled the realization of the consequences of battle. Hence, this is the place where King Ashoka transformed himself to walk on the path of dharma and became a Buddhist activist.

The presence of the rock edicts is marked from 260 B.C. those edicts are related to the "welfare of the whole world". The elephant carvings with head and forelegs spot the land where he transformed from a ruthless king to a dedicated Buddhist activist.

Other Nearby Attractions

  • Bhaskareshwar temple near to Dhauli houses the rock edicts of Ashoka.
  • An ancient Shiva temple holds mass gathering during ShivaRatri.
  • The 35¬≠minute Light and Sound show started at the Dhauli hill state tourism department is worth watching.

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