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Ratnagiri ­ True Ratna of Buddhism

Ratnagiri is a well­known Buddhist holy destination located in the Jajpur district of Odisha and is indeed a gem. The monastery is crowned on the hilltop for its seclusion, to provide calm and pure atmosphere which is essential for the monks. Excavation found stupas and two rectangular monasteries and relates this place back to the history of 6 – 12 century AD. The location protected the monks and the monastery from invaders and maintained peace in their life.

When you are at Ratnagiri, you can see this monumental monastery. As you enter, march ahead towards the larger one having a huge door frame designed intricately, leading to a wide courtyard. Here, you will come across a sanctum housing a bhumisparsha posed colossal Buddha statue. The entire court is adorned with artifacts from the excavation. These include a collection of several statues, motifs of floral and geometrical shape, and Buddha’s heads. Although Buddha never visited Odisha, still Buddhism is a part of this state from the time of its inception.

Adjacent to the main monastery lies another, comparatively smaller in size and lacking the exquisiteness and grace when compared to the other and has an inner sanctum that is empty unlike the other.

Ratnagiri’s highest point is marked by a giant stupa, encircled by small ones. These small stupas are arranged in different patterns and all other structures cover a large part of the hilltop. The panoramic view from the top gives you a glimpse of Odisha’s landscape.

This place is well connected with all types of transportation. The closest airport is Bhubaneswar Airport, and the nearest Railway Station is Cuttack. The roadways are directly connected from Cuttack via buses and cabs.

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